Thank you for signing the petition to urge the State Chair to change the rules and make the NYS Democratic Party more democratic! Can you help spread the word about the petition?

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On July 25, we have a chance to make the NYS Democratic Party more...democratic! Sign the petition at and get the details at

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I just signed a petition to make the NYS Democratic Party more...democratic!

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Subject: Let's help make the NYS Democratic Party more...democratic!

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I just learned that a group of NY State Democratic Committee members are working to change the rules of the NYS Democratic Party to make it more "small d" democratic, and they’re asking Democrats across NY to help.

Five proposed amendments to the rules are on the agenda for the next State Committee meeting on July 25—changes that will promote more fairness, inclusivity, transparency, and respect for the democratic process in the way the party operates—and we can help put pressure on party leadership to adopt the changes by signing this petition: (yes—sometimes signing a petition really can make a difference).

As it stands now, the people we elect to represent us on the State Committee (the official organization of the party) actually have very little say in party affairs and decision-making. Meetings are announced last-minute and members are typically offered "up or down" votes on items pre-decided by the Officers and Executive Committee—the majority of whom were not elected to the State Committee.

The five common sense reforms will change this and empower the State Committee to function the way it should—as a vital mechanism for listening to and integrating voices from the Democratic base into party decision-making at the state level. This is the kind of bottom-up, democratic representation that gives the Democratic Party its strength. has all the details on the proposed rule changes and info on how to get involved. I hope you'll join me in signing the petition at

You can also consider contacting your State Committee representatives and/or connecting with your local democratic committee.