Urge your State Committee representatives to vote for the rule changes!

What? Don't have a clue who your representatives are? You're not alone.


The NYS Democratic Party can and should do a better job of sharing State Committee information with registered Democrats. For now, finding your State Committee representative may take some effort because there is no single place to look up that info online.

Two State Committee members (one male and one female) are elected in each Assembly District (or portion of an Assembly District) within each County.

Search online for your County's Democratic Committee and see if you can find your reps on their website. If not, track down the County Chair's contact info and reach out and ask. You'll need to know the Assembly District you live in, which you can look up on your voter file here. If you're not exactly sure which County you live in, this site can be helpful.

Another option is to reach out to the Democratic Commissioner of your County's Board of Elections and ask if they know who your State Committee reps are or if they can put you in touch with your County Chair.

Once you find your representatives, share the info from this site with them and encourage them to vote to change the rules!

If you still need help finding your rep, contact us.